Whether the source of the loan is a private individual

For those who have never obtained a hard money loan, there are typically a lot of questions. Whether the source of the loan is a private individual, a fund, or an insurance company, a hard money or private money loan is any loan that comes from a non bank source. Interest rates charged are typically higher than a bank loan, and loan terms are much shorter.

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Although the 2013 Lincoln MKZ sedan shares no sheet metal with its Ford Fusion sibling dangle earrings, the two are built on the same platform. Many Lincoln skeptics still believe the car is little more than a Fusion with extra perfume and jewelry. They say Lincoln needs a rwd sedan to have any credibility in the luxury market.

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cheap jewelry Sales falling 29 percent year over year for the 12 month period that ended in September, according to market research firm NPD Group.But toy makers are betting big on the high tech category for the holidays, rolling out a wide selection of electronic toys that have been generating buzz for months.This year top picks include Mattel $49.99 Barbie Video Girl, which features a working video camera embedded in the doll necklace and a color LCD video screen on her back; Paper Jamz stud earrings, thin toy guitars and drums that can be played by simply touching the paper surface; and Dance Star Mickey, a plush Mickey Mouse from Fisher Price that walks, talks and does dances (including the moonwalk).Manufacturers have also added more technology to the learning tools category, developing several toys that look remarkably like adults iPads and Kindles.today are Skyping, they on the Internet, they going on YouTube, said Neil Friedman, president of Mattel Brands. What we doing is we allowing them to expand their imaginations and utilize their toys to even go further. Surprisingly, the prices in this category are a bit higher, with Dance Star Mickey retailing at $69.99 and the iXL at $79.99.Just as Hollywood filmmakers have seen success in adapting comic book characters into major movie franchises, the toy industry has benefited from crafting toys tied to an existing brand.It already been a big year for movie related toys with the release of the blockbusters Story 3 and Man 2 Boys flocked to toy stores to pick up action figures, vehicles and games cheap jewelry.

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