000 air miles in 40 days, with landings in 39 cities and towns

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Canada Goose Outlet Let’s “Dream the impossible dream and fight the unbeatable foe.” We can change the world and our lives, one small dream at a time.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.Lions back Gaby’s Flying Doctor QuestMarch 1993, The Lion MagazineFamous Australian aviatrix Gaby Kennard will soon be off on another adventure. It will be an adventure with two purposes, to fly solo in a single engine aircraft around Australia and to help raise $1 million to buy a new plane for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.The 1st Australian woman to fly solo around the world will take off on the 15th of May. Flying in a Seabird Seeker built at Hervey Bay in Queensland, the flight will cover 8.000 air miles in 40 days, with landings in 39 cities and towns.And along the way the Lions Club of Mount Druitt (N5) is hoping that canada goose outlet woodbury Lions Clubs will give Gaby a hand. Canada Goose Outlet

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